Why Ellipitcal Machine ?


The elliptical machine workout also called as  Elliptical Trainer, Cross Trainer or X-trainer. The motionless machine which combines like Treadmill, Stairmaster, and cross-country ski machine.

It sounds great when you realize one stone kill two bird but lots of gym regular visitors wouldn’t take this elliptical workout seriously just simply because it’s boring and ineffective.

Why Elliptical Machine?

The elliptical workout is one of the best cardio workouts simply because of it like a combination of Treadmill and Stairmill.

Booty Workout.

The elliptical workout can enhance Glutes and Hamstring, it will tone up your backside while getting a good cardio workout.

Core workout

Using the handles or not in this elliptical workout will engage all the muscles of your core as you work harder to stay balanced on the machine.

Total Body workout in short interval.

The elliptical workout is a Total body workout involve your leg, arm, and CORE. A total 30 minutes workout will get your heart rate up. Is perfect for those like a short early morning or even lunch hour workout.

elliptical workout

Treadmill / Stairmill

Cardio is a must for every visitor to the gym but unfortunately Treadmill always the first choice. The elliptical is a good choice to replace, don’t hold onto the handles, keep your arms in a running position.

Balance and Mobility.

An elliptical workout will improve your balance and mobility. It must have the same tempo to move the handles and your leg running, it not easy if you first try the elliptical machine. Once you master your tempo, you can increase your intensity.

Mixed workout.

Elliptical workout got a feature which is different with Treadmill, it can run “Backward” ( get some hamstring and isolate upper body attention).

The elliptical mechaine can adjust the speed and resistance. If you join the class it can be similar to a spin class which you can increase the pace, sprint, resistance, and variation the grip, center, full or push.

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