Rowing Machines Workout


If you feel bored about the same old cardio machines at the gym, treadmill, elliptical, spin bike and etc. You can try out Rowing Machine. This indoor rowing machine is awesome besides some new experience for you and if you are lazy to catch the gym once a while, you can have an indoor rowing machine yourself.

What is Rowing Machine?

If you follow the Olympic game, definitely you see some rowing games at lake or river. This Rowing machine will track the stamina, speed, power, strengthen your’s cardiovascular.

There are a lot of benefits of rowing machines.

Weight loss

For 30 minutes rowing workout, you can burn about 400 calories. Off course there must reach a certain speed and resistance to burn that much of calories or even more.

Anyone can do it.

For old or young or even you have bad knees, you still can be rowing. Is a low impact on your joints, non-weight bearing because rowing is performed while sitting down. This workout is suitable for those with weak joints or people rehabilitating after surgery.

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Rowing is great for the heart and breath volume that working on your cardiovascular fitness. It works with major muscle groups like hand , leg, back, and hip. Rowiusesyour full body to perform this workout.

It can perform individual or as a group ( Like Cycling Class )

If you feel rowing alone can be boring, just join the rowing class which can be fun. Follow the instructor pace and resistance can increase your flexibility the burn more calories.

Track your progress.

Rowing can be trace your speed, distance, calories burn, time. First you can track your calories burn and then improve with speed and distance and last increase your resistance.

Reduce Stress.

When you sitting and rowing, your mind will be cool down with the winding whisper every rowing you make.

The Rowing Motion

The Catch

Is start with the movement where you’re sitting tall on the rowing machine with your arms straight, back upright, knees and ankles flexed. From this position, use your lats to pull your shoulders down and brace your core.

Muscles involve: Erector Spinae, Gastrochnemius and Soleus, and Hamstrings.

The Drive

When you begin the Drive by pushing with your legs while still bracing and contracting your core. When your legs are straight, hinge at the hips and lean back to about 45 degrees. The last movement is from your arms as you pull the handle towards your torso, about a few inches above your belly button.

Muscles involve:   Muscles worked:   Erector Spinae, Rectus Abdominus, Triceps, Rhomboids, Deltoids, Trapezius, Pectoralis Major, Wrist Extensors and Flexors, Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstrings, and Gastrochnemius and Soleus.

The Finish

To finish the move just have to reverse order. You extend the arms, hinge the hips forward, bring the torso over the legs and then bend the knees so you’re back to catch.

Muscle involve: Erector Spinae, Wrist Extensors and Flexors, Triceps, Biceps, Deltoids, Pectoralis Major, Rectus Abdominus, Internal and External Obliques, Quadriceps, and Hamstrings.

Rowing workout is one of the best workouts, try it you will love it.


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