Hydrorider workout



The Hydrorider class is an aqua bike that allows you to pedal while immersed in the water taking advantage of the many benefits of the aquatic environment. This unique and fun class is designed for the post-rehab patient to the elite athlete. Hydrorider has many benefits including massaging action, reducing stress on the knees and back and strengthening the lower and upper body.


Benefits Of Hydrorider


Hydrorider workouts will improve your cardiovascular. The water become natural resistance which make your muscles work at higher intensity and it will make work harder.

The Hydrorider workouts will improve your upper and lower body and at the same time workout the whole body. It can be padalled backwards making you use rarely muscles leaving you arching in place you never felt before.

Reduce Stress & Health

Exercise in the water indirectly will calm you down and stress free. It improves your cardio vascular fitness, your general health will improve as well and reducing blood pressure levels and resting heart rate.

Weight Loss

An hour of Hydrorider class will burn 200-250 calories depend on your weight body. It need higher energy demand from muscles to perform movements in the water. The main supply of energy for aquatic exercise is body fat.


Aquatic exercise is the alternative way to rehab due to it not damaging but strengthening your weakened joints or limbs.The impact on your joints will reduce and the water supports all the joints in the body.


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