Beginner for surfing – tips


Surfing is not an easy outdoor sport to learn. Before you want to learn surfing, you must know to swim and a good swimmer. Surfing is a complex sport which every wave is not the same, wind, tides and swells are affecting the waves you surf. It needs lots of passion for improving your skills.

There are few tips for the beginner

Get a good teacher / join the surfing school

It looks like the easy sport if you watch the surfer enjoy their surfing but once you get the surfboard and try to pop up, you know is different from what you think. Get a teacher or enroll surfing school.

Big surfboard

For the beginner, use big board will help you to develop better fundamental mechanics and catch more wave in the early stages.

Soft Board

At the beginning, you will spend a lot of time sitting on it, rather than standing. There will lot of time that your body will hit by our soft board but your body will be able to take the abuse.

Warm up

Before heading to a beach, please warm up your body with stretching. This will reduce the risk of muscle injury or cramp while you’re surfing. Is also give you time to check for any rips or where the best spot to catch waves is.

Surf Buddy

Always surf with your buddy or at least one other person. You may be a help or your buddy needs it.


Fitness and swimming are the most basic requirement, make sure you are physically fit. You must able to swim back to shore if you lose your board.


Paddling is another thing you will need to practice until you get it right. The key is to find a rhythm and to keep it. This also requires you to be in shape, because it will be quite exhausting the first few times.

Beginner surfer

Right spot for beginners wave

For the first learner, find a spot that less crowded, more space, small waves, steady waves for the whole learning process will be smoother. Get ready before you go for larger waves.


Practice your popping up on your board. Lay your board in the sand and lay down on it. Train your standing up on a wave is a quick and fluid pop up- yet controlled, push up. Perfect the motion on the beach, it will be easier when you’re in the surf.

Read the weather

Check the weather forecast before heading to Surf spot. Understand the weather condition and waves. Check out the tide tables as well.

Bend your knee not your back

When you do get to your feet on a wave, make sure to bend your knees, as opposed to hunching your back over. You have way better balance with your knees bent and absorbing the energy of the wave.

Dress for Surf

Water temperature is the main factor to consider when putting together a surfing wardrobe. Surfer following the season or great conditions rather than the water temperature. Some are just swimsuit, some sleeveless vest, long-sleeved jacket or hooded wetsuit.

Have fun for all the beginner surfer. Enjoy your the wave and the sun.

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