Aqua Aerobics Benefits


Although being in water make you lighter, it looks easy but at the meantime, it increases the resistance to movement.

Aqua Aerobics is a high energy and fun fitness class in which you perform a range of aerobic moves in the pool shown to you by instructors.

Aqua-Aerobic has a low impact on your body. You frequent hear that athletic those who get an injury and they recover fast, one of the reason is they rehab in swimming pool.

No matter what your age, ability or experience aerobics class is an inclusive activity suitable for everyone. All classes will ensure you are boosting your fitness, getting a top workout, and having a great time and fun.

The benefits of aqua aerobic

Builds strength

Working in the water helps build strength, the resistance provided by the water has a similar effect to lifting weights in the gym. Fighting against the push of the water activates your muscles and contributes to the development of your whole body and higher metabolism.

Low impact on joint

The water supports your whole body, it put lesser weight on your joints.

Don’t overheat

Working out in the pool wouldn’t overheat and the get your workout longer time compare the same exercise in the gym.


It improves flexibility from the support of the water and prevents get an injury.

Stress Reduce

Once you in the pool, feel cools and the water massages reduce your stress and sense of calm.

Cardiovascular workout

It gives you a good cardiovascular workout, gently increasing your pulse and breathing rate, so it’s great for helping to improve your heart health

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