30 Minutes for Spinning workout


Stationary Bike is one of the best machines beside treadmill or Rowing Machine that just need a small space, you can see in every hotel gym, fitness center or even some brought for personal use.

The stationary bike is a great workout for everyone, no matter young or old. Today we talk about spinning workout which is more advance, it may not suit for everyone from the beginning but it can adjust according to your comfort level.

Spinning workout can burn about 300 calories for just 30 minutes but of course, it depends on your body weight. Below is the Spinning Plan for 30 minutes

Spinning plan workout for 30 minutes

Take 3 minutes to warm up with seated and hands in the second position,  RPE Р4, tension Light. ( 0-3 minutes )

Take 4 minutes for seated and stand for subsequently minutes with increase resistance, RPE -5-6, tension Moderate ( 3-7 minutes )

4 minutes for decrease resistance seated in hand second position, RPE – 5, tension Light ( 7-11 minutes )

Stand and jog for 2 minutes with same tension Light and RPE – 5. ( 11-12 minutes )

Sit down and in hand second position, increase resistance every 30 seconds, tension Moderate to heavy, RPE- 6-7 ( 12-14 minutes )

Another 3 minutes for stand up and hands in the third position and increase resistance every minute, tension Heavy, RPE 7-9. ( 14-17 minutes )

From 17-26, repeat the 7-17 minutes

Stand up with hands in second position and jog for 2 minutes, resistance reduce, tension Light, RPE-8 ( 26-28 minutes )

Last 2 minutes to sit down with hands in second position to cool down, tension Light, RPE 3-4.

The above spinning workout can burn 250-300 calories. It should workout twice weekly.
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